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Please don't take my notes and change them for yourself
( if you need to resize that's ok )I know they aren't very fancy but
I'm finally learning how to make things myself and this was hard work for me..
( If you need to change the background color properties thats ok.)

melsnotes1.gifmelsnotes1 melsnotes7.gifmelsnotes7 melsnotes13melsnotes13
melsnotes2.gifmelsnotes2 melsnotes8.gifmelsnotes8 melsnotes14.gifmelsnotes14
melsnotes3.gifmelsnotes3 melsnotes9.gifmelsnotes9 melsnotes15.gifmelsnotes15
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melsnotes5.gifmelsnotes5 melsnotes11.gifmelsnotes11 melsnotes17.gifmelsnotes17

This note was designed by my son Jarod age 15

melsnotes12.gifmelsnotes12 melsnotes18.gifmeslnotes18

Please Email Me Before Leaving...
And Send Me The Information Below
Then I'll Add You To The Proud Parents Page
Thank You!!

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