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Viking Squirt


Unfortunately I have only been able to get them to work with a white background.
If you have any suggestions on how to make them work on other backgrounds,
please let me know I have paint shop pro, but am barley learning how to use it.

Choose the Squirt you want and Email me. I check email everyday
I'll email you your Viking or the URL of where to pick up your Squirt.
Mmake sure you have a web page I will come to see how the little squirt is doing..
And please no X rated sites, or hate sites etc..........., squirt are very sensitive,
brave , loyal trustworthy and kind and wouldn't hurt any living creature.....

1. Number of the Squirt you want
2. Your name
3. Your email address
4. Url of Squirt's new home














Don't forget your certificate, Please link to

Then I will add you to the proud parents page.

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