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Free Stock Links
or cash and other free points or credits
Some will be getting actual free shares of stock,
others will be registering to win free shares. Please use
the ref # or ref email listed so I will get proper credit.
NOTE: some of these are limited and will end when
quantity is met, or as soon as they go IPO so hurry!
These are current as of 6/1/99
I will try to keep these updated, if you find one that ended or you have
a stock link tell me about please email me I'll be glad to use your ref.

Want to be alerted when company's go IPO? Click here

Free Shares of Stock - Referral #99662
1 free share and 1/2 share for every referral you get - Referral
5 free shares and 1 free share for every referral you get
Certificates will be sent 30 days after the date of IPO.

Net/Biz - Referral
100 Shares to the first 10,000 people who sign up
Certificates will start being sent June 1st

Mx7 Network - Referral
5 free shares in company -
10 free profit sharing shares. They are giving out 1,000,000 total 

1 free share of stock for each referral and earn money for reading mail.

PortalPage - Referral
credits until they go IPO then they become stock
12 free shares. They are giving out 2,400,000 total 

AutoInteractive - 
But they are taking sign-ups for the next round of free stocks

Powerside -
UniversalScience - referral

 Register To Win Free Stock

VitaminSupply - Referral #101018
Chance to win up to 1,000 Shares of VSC Stock when they go IPO

Free Cash
Netratings - earn money surfing the web - earn money surfing the web

Bingo Zone - Play for real money

Free Points or Credits towards prizes

Targetshop - Referral #213528

Cyber Gold - 



PrizePoint - Play games win points to exchange for chances in sweepstakes

Virtual Vegas - play for points toward prizes

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